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Approval to Circulate IP3

Today, July 12th 2022, the Secretary of State has given our campaign the Approval to Circulate IP3. We can now resume signature collection in order to qualify for the November 2024 general election.

The deadline to submit signatures for approval is July 5th, 2024. Our campaign has just under two years to collect the 112,020 signatures necessary to qualify.

IP3 is the first ballot initiative in history that would criminalize the killing and breeding of animals. We want to protect an animal's universal right to life, and we believe that the ballot initiative process is an effective, nonviolent, and democratic strategy for social change.

If you would like to sign IP3 from home, go to where you can print out a petition and mail it into the campaign.

We now have the time, but we still need the people. If you want to make history, join the team and help us collect signatures. Go to to fill out our volunteer form. You can also go to to contribute to the campaign.

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