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Certified Ballot Title Issued

The Attorney General and Secretary of State have issued IP3 a Certified Ballot Title (CBT) and determined that IP3 meets all procedural constitutional requirements. The finalized 15-word caption reads:

Criminalizes injuring or killing animals, including killing for food, hunting, fishing; criminalizes breeding practices. Exceptions

The CBT was issued after the Attorney General took into consideration comments submitted by the public. In addition to comments submitted by our campaign, comments were submitted by nineteen organizations that support the intentional injury, killing, and sexual assault of animals. The following organizations want to retain the current exemptions in Oregon's animal cruelty laws that deprive animals of their universal right to life: Safari Club International, Oregon Hunters Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Ducks Unlimited, American Kennel Club, Congressional Sportsman Foundation, Oregon Wild Sheep Foundation, Food Northwes, Fur Commission USA, Livestock Marketing Association, NW Chicken Council, Oregon Cattleman's Association, Oregon Dairy Farmers Association, Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Sheep Growers Association, Oregonians For Food and Shelter, West Coast Seafood Processors.

You can read the comments submitted in full here:

You can also read the response to these comments provided by the Attorney General here:

In addition to the 15-word caption, the CBT also includes two 25-word descriptions of what would happen if a voter were to vote yes/no on IP3, as well as a 125-word summary. These are what would be given to the voters if IP3 qualifies for the election in 2024.

The finalized 125-summary reads:

Under current law, activities that do or may kill or injure animals are lawful, including animal husbandry practices such as dehorning, docking, castration, or neutering; slaughtering livestock and poultry; animal breeding practices; fishing, hunting, and trapping; wildlife management practices; rodeos; scientific or agricultural research and teaching; control of vermin and nuisance animals; reasonable handling, training techniques. Proposed measure would make those practices, and other common practices involving animals, criminal offenses if injury/death occurs. Criminalizes breeding practices for domestic, livestock, and equine animals including impregnation and masturbation. Exception for “good veterinary practices” and self-defense. Applies to mammals (including vermin), birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish. Eliminating hunting/ fishing licenses would remove funding from wildlife management, enforcement efforts by Department of Fish and Wildlife. Other provisions

If you are interested in having Oregon be the first state in world history to vote on whether its time to criminalize the killing and breeding of animals and to finally protect an animal's universal right to life and liberty, go to to volunteer or go to to contribute to the campaign.

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